Linden Trust for Conservation

Linden Trust occasionally sponsors or supports workshops or other events in support of its initiatives.   We have recently supported the following:

REDD and Protected Areas
REDD and protected areas can be of mutual benefit: protected areas can provide carbon-credit buyers with low-cost and readily producible credits, while REDD frameworks can provide protected areas with needed additional funding.   This synergy has the potential to significantly contribute both to climate stabilization and to biodiversity conservation.   We have supported three workshops on this theme:

  • Connecting Amazon Protected Areas to REDD Frameworks, Stanford University, February 2009.   Led by the World Wildlife Fund-U.S.
  • Demystifying REDD - Strengthening the Role of Forest People and Local Communities in the Climate Change Discussions, Brasilia, Brazil, May 2009.   Led by IPAM - the Amazon Institute for Environmental Research.
  • The Role of Protected Areas in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation, Brasilia, Brazil, October 2009.   Led by the World Wildlife Fund-Brazil.